Sunday, November 27, 2016

Saving Glass Jars : The Prepper's Guide to Everything


Prepping : Glass Jars

Whether you are making a large amount of strawberry jelly and need to keep it good throughout the winter, or if you are giving away jelly to family and friends (homemade jelly makes a great gift!), or even if you just use old glass jars for cups. No matter what you keep empty glass jars for, this is one item that you can recycle all by yourself.

As far as Prepping goes,

*   Prepping has a lot to do with growing crops or farming on a large or small scale.
*   Eventually you'll start having more than you need or can use in a reasonable amount of time.
*   This is when canning/jarring (I prefer jarring!), comes in.
*   Soups, sauces and chilies can be prepared after harvest, jarred and will stay good for moths.
     (This is how humans survive the winter. We are sort of like chipmunks, if chipmunks had really    
     advanced food palates.)
*   Even dehydrated fruits and meats, (Mmm Jerky!) that last much longer can be stored in glass jars!
*   Glass jars make a perfect environment for storing dried, fertile seeds for next years harvest, or the 
     harvest after that!
*   Glass jars make a beautiful centerpiece for a spring dining room table with only a few spring 
     flowers, and this is surprisingly effective for being so simple. It gives a country cottage feeling to 
     any kitchen.


So, where do we get cheap (or free) glass jars with fitting lids?